My history of blogging

I started my first blog around 2000, but I probably didn't call it a blog at the time. It was based on a template system, generating static html pages, to be hosted on my university account.

I don't remember what technology I used, it might have been Perl and Makefiles. I know others that was playing around with m4 macros to make the same kind of web diaries. We probably spend more time getting our template system to work than actually creating content.

The next few years I mainly spend on UseNet – my original social media.

In 2006 I had a server in the cupboard at home and one may afternoon I installed Wordpress. For the following 4 years I made regular updates. Initially random posts about my day dreams, then beer reviews and technical posts.

My Twitter account is from 2009 and with that I started micro-blogging and within a year I nearly stopped posting on my Wordpress blog. Some time along the way I tried maintaining a presence on and the early Fediverse. But Twitter was where I had my Danish community and that was my main focus.

I maintained my self-hosted Wordpress instance for 5 years, with only few posts. And then I converted it to a static site using the Jekyll blog generator. But I never restarted writing new posts.

I like micro-blogging. It strikes a balance between the volatility of real time chat and the more slower longread type of blogs. But some times I like to write longer articles, but until now my only way to do this has been to post a long thread of tweets.

I have long dreamed of creating a simple almost-static blog with some minimal support for ActivityPub to enable interaction with the Fediverse. But today I discovered WriteFreely, that is a very discrete blog system with ActivityPub support.

So now I am on my fifth blogging setup...