A wishlist for social media platforms

@zatnosk@manowar.social requested some thoughts on ideal social media. This was my response

Support for multiple aspects/personas for one identity

I would really like to have better support for having different aspects of my person tied into one identity.

I write about technology, Danish politics, a bit about autism, my life as a father, observations in the supermarket.

I write in Danish and I write in English.

I am jokingly uses dark humor and sarcasm, but I also write quite serious stuff.

I accept that reading it all would decrease the signal-to-noise ratio of your feed.

But maintaining 10 different accounts is a mess too.

Interoperability between platforms

I would like to have better interoperability between platforms.

Not just support for reposting/boosting between different (mostly text based) platforms.

Maybe just that some sort of ActivityPub support is the part of the minimal viable product of any new inventive social platform.

Safe spaces and toxicity

Accept that one persons safe space feels toxic to another person.

We need a way to provide safe spaces without imposing taboos on everybody.

Yes, there are types of behavior that ought to be considered universally toxic.