For a long time I have mainly been reading Twitter with a generic RSS reader (newsbeuter). Recently this stopped working when disabled 'HTTP Basic Auth' in preference of using OAuth. Now I can say a lot of good and bad things about OAuth, but to keep a short story short: It doesn't work with generic RSS readers.

Instead of getting the RSS feed from a URL, my RSS reader can run a script that prints an RSS feed. So if I could just write a script that does the OAuth dance to convince to give me an RSS feed?

Perl to the rescue! Or rather CPAN to the rescue: Net::Twitter::Lite have a nice simple example for setting up OAuth with a desktop application. It also provides access to most of Twitters REST API, but no method for retrieving generic URLs.

Using some Jedi mind tricks and reading the source I found a private and undocumented method _oauth_authenticated_request which does exactly what I need. It is quite simple:

  1. Get my script from and install the dependencies (Net::Twitter:Lite).
  2. Register you own app at to get a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  3. Run the script once to setup access and get an Access Token and Access Token Secret.
  4. Run the script with an RSS feed url as parameter to get the RSS feeds.

Most interesting feed to follow is probably, which show the same as the home page on would show you, and, which shows any tweet that mentions you.