It is common knowledge that you can't have private functions and methods in Perl5. But it turns out that you can do it, one way is to use namespace::clean. Using this module you can either declare all the names of private functions at the top or use a serie of non-obvious "use namespace::clean", "no namespace::clean" calls.

Wouldn't it be much nicer just to be able to write:

sub foo :Private {

You can, with my brand new Sub::Private module. It is actually quite simple:

use Attribute::Handlers;

use namespace::clean     qw();
use B::Hooks::EndOfScope qw(on_scope_end);
use Sub::Identify        qw(get_code_info);

    my ($package, $symbol, $referent, $attr, $data) = @_;

    on_scope_end {
        namespace::clean->clean_subroutines( get_code_info( $referent ) );

Putting the attribute handler in the UNIVERSAL namespace isn't nice. I have to find a solution for that for the next version.