My one and a half hour-debugger was very clearly just a proof of concept thingy. A week later I think I got most of the basic debugger functionality implemented. At least most of the features I use in the standard perl debugger.

A nice feature is that while single stepping, it just ignores code in files not loaded in Padre. If you want to debug this code:

use Error qw(:try);

try {
} catch Error::Simple with {
    my $E = shift;
    $log->notice("Failed to do it: $E");

but don't care about, just don't load it in Padre and you can single step trough it, just like if try/catch was first control structure. Double-click on the entries in the stack trace and it will ask if you want to load

Version 1.0 is still far away. Main issue is to rewrite the menu and handling of the 'watches' and 'stack trace' views. A complete refactoring of the user interface parts.

But functionality is more funny to implement, so what do you need for the debugger in an Perl IDE. Comments please, either here or in #padre @