Some time ago I bought a .tel domain, just to play with some new technology. Clicking around in some web interfaces does not satisfy me, so I had to do something else.

The main targets for .tel client applications seems to be the iPhone, the Blackberry, and Outlook, but using neither of these I dug deeper at their developer site. Their main API's are available as SOAP.

Unfortunately I couldn't get SOAP::Lite to speak with my Tel Hosting Providers SOAP server. So with a lot of handcoding SOAP I have made some small perl modules to access my .tel domain.

At the moment only parts of the Client API is implemented and the Perl API isn't really stable. But sample scripts to list and change profiles and to set a 'quote of the day' are available and working.

Get it at CPAN: (wait for version 0.2 to get indexted) or get the bleeding version from github

WARNING: Until release 1.0 I will guarantee that the API will change for each release...