A good read eval print loop for perl has been on my Wanted list for a long time. Matt S Trout's Devel::REPL has been looking promissing but I didn't want to fiddle with installing the dependencies. Thanks to Alexis Sukrieh and the Debian Perl Group Devel::REPL will enter unstable. Yeahhh...

Another thing on my wanted list was Debian packages of Perl::Critic. Couldn't find a ITP, but looking around at the Debian Perl Group's website to find out how to package it I discovered that Joey Hess allready did the work.

I've been using the morning installing the above from the subversion repository on pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org. Only problem was that I needed a newer package of libppi-perl which wasn't maintained in subversion.

What's next? Looking at my ~/.perl Perl::Tidy seems to be a candidate.