1. Our priorities are pancakes and beer

    We will be guidede by our need for pancakes and (preferable free) beer. We will place this interest first in our priorities. We wil support the needs of our users for knowledge of where to get many different kinds of pancakes and beers. We will not object to other kind of food and drinks, but pancakes and beer are our main common interesst and priorities. In furtherance of this need, we will provide guidance to beer and pancakes all over the world near and far away from Denmark.

For some reason the celebration of the Debian Social Contract was centered on Denmark. So I thought we might as well organize something in Denmark for real (some of us had talked about it some days ago).

We have yet to decide if our main priority is beer or pancake so the plans aren't quite final yet. Ølbaren has been mentioned. If you are interested in joining contact me. (Update: Ølbaren is closed for the month)