I took some days off-line so the iBook story hasn't progressed very much. On the other hand I've spent some time with my family and finaly finished Neil Stephenson's Quicksilver.


Had some problems with the internal soundcard. I'm not quite sure what the porblem was, but the right module is snd_powermac and not anything like snd_aoa. Probaly did something else wrong along the way too.

The fun part would be playing music throug AirTunes. raop-play claims to solve this problem. They got debian packages for i386 and a nice debian/ in the source tar-ball. The build-deps is missing fluid and libglib2.0-dev but other than that it builds nicely — but no sound...

Nearly giving up I looked at the alsapcm module not part of the debian package, just to see how it worked in theory. And suddenly I could play music with mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.0 music.ogg. Problem is that raop-play isn't endian safe, but the alsapcm module forces use of little endian somewhere before the real raop-play.

Afterward I've tested raop-play on amd64 where it works nicely.


Java seems to be a problem. None of the packages of ibm-jre packages I'm seem to be able to find is supported by java-package. My Bank uses java, so that is kind of a show stopper, but I havn't really looked into it yet.

Flash, Youtube and the like

Flash isn't really a showstopper, but it would be nice to be able to see all the funny video clips people are refering to. None of the free flash plugins seems to work (swfdec, libfalsh-mozplugin), but youtube-dl and mplayer do the job.

Futher work...

Java is a major show stopper. I can't switch for real without java support in my browser. The other problems is something I can live with. I migth even prefer to use AirTunes from my amd64 server instead of my laptop so I will probally ITP raop-play soon.

Some people have asked why I want to switch away from wonderfull OS X. I'll try to wirte something up one of the days - and no it's is not anything personal against mac fans.