The Internet proudly presents; An Operating Systems production;

Linus Christ Superstar

Starring: Linus Torvalds as himself, Richard Stallman as Judas Iscariot, Bill Gates as Caiaphas, Ron Hevsepian (as CEO of Novell) as Pontius Pilate and Steve Jobs (as CEO of Apple) as King Herods.

Also starring: The KDE Team as Mary Magdalene, The Debian Project as Simon Zealotes, Steve Ballmer as Annas, Chief Technical Officers as the Romans and the Slashdot readership as the temple people and the lepers.

Ok, some of them are pretty flawed. I'm least happy with Stallman as Judas. Eric Raymon might be a bette choice but I'll keep Stallman as understudy

Enough blasphemy for the day ...