Sådan et helt normalt menneskeliv indeholder mange oplevelser. Nogle af dem virker dog mere absurde end andre. En jobsamtale hos et rekruteringsfirma der ender med at rekruteringskonsulenten spørger om jeg skal have en røvfuld virker som en af de mere absurde. Jeg vil undlade både at hænge rekruteringskonsulenten og klienten ud, jeg skrev dog til klienten:

I've just had a rather unpleasant jobinterview with you recruting consultant Xxxx Xxxxx, xxxx.dk.

After trying the gate intercom for 10 minutes Xxxx Xxxxx came out about to leave and he asked me 'was that today?'. Not being able to tell me anything about the job I hadn't read in the job offer I was less than motivated for the jobinterview. He began to, by then rightfuly, question my motivation at to dis my current employment. And then we discussed my communications skills.

I don't remember the excact build up, but the discussion ended with him asking we if he should kick my ass. Wanting to leave I asked if I could just exit the gate. Saying 'no' he yelled a bit at me threating me some more times before he opened the gate.

I'm aware that this is my experience and that Xxxx Xxxxx may focus on other aspects. I'm offering my experience for you to use in your general evaluation of Xxxx Xxxxx and have no futher comments.

I have *no* intention to work with you company nor apply for any jobs connected to Xxxx Xxxxx, xxxx.dk. I don't need any excuses nor anything else. But it is up to you to decide if this was an mistake on both our parts and if you in the futures want to be represented by Xxxx Xxxxx.

(Måske lidt rustent, men jeg er lidt ophidset...)

PS: Til minnuværende kolleger: Tag det roligt, det lød en smule interessant, men efter den samtale bliver jeg på min pind.